Random Thoughts

When I have a bunch of random thoughts, I always wonder which thought to start with.  🙂

Might as well start with Africam.  As you know, the Potted Plant Owl cam has gone offline because the eggs did not hatch this year.  They are still putting updates on the Facebook page though.  The Cheetah cam has also gone offline as the cubs have been moved to another larger enclosure and there are no connections there to set the camera up.  They should be in yet another enclosure soon where we will be able to watch them again.  Of course, we still have Nkorho, Elephant Plains, Tembe and Idube and with only 4, they all fit on the multi cam and they all fit on my monitor without overlapping when using the pop up cams.

The Kill the Trade Campaign is still on with WWF.  If more people are aware of the problems and the demand for animal parts ends, these animals could be saved from extinction.

Jewel pulled out the developing feathers that I showed you last week.  She did not pull any additional feathers, so I am continuing with the twice daily showers in the hopes that the next batch are allowed to grow in.  Sometimes she even gets more showers when I am home more.

Chester is doing fine.  It has been 3 months since his last seizure and he is always on the go.  He can still manage to make me smile or laugh every day.  Jewel is the same in that she also makes me smile or laugh every day.  I can not imagine coming into a house with no pets.

The various illnesses of the critters can be expensive though.  I haven’t added up what Chester has cost since he first started having seizures.  Jewel has not been to a vet yet and because I think her plucking is just because of the change of schedules while I was away, I haven’t taken her to a vet to further stress her out.  One of my daughter’s cats has urinary tract problems and is on an expensive special diet.  It may be flaring up again anyway, which will be another expensive surgery.  He is such a sweet cat that she will probably go further into debt to try to keep him healthy.

On Monday, I am having some gravel delivered and spread out in the parking area at the back.  About 1/2 the spot we have is more mud than gravel so it will be nice to have it down before the snow falls.  I sure won’t miss the mud back there next spring.  🙂

Time to watch the cams now – in between some vacuuming and stuff.  See you there.