Is This It?

We have snow on the ground.  The question is “will it stay for the winter now – or will it melt”?  According to the forecast, the temperature is supposed to rise above 0C in a few days – but the ‘feels like’ temperature will still be a minus.

We go through this every year.  Some people hate the snow, some look forward to it, some just accept it and others complain about it.

I’m kind of a combination of the last 2 – I accept it, but I also complain about it.  Snow is a 4 letter word.

It was pretty slippery on today’s walk with Chester and that is one of the things I don’t like about the weather this time of year.  The shoe spikes I have don’t help with this because there isn’t any ice to dig into – it is just that the concrete or asphalt is slippery – and you can’t see it.

Of course, I took some pictures.  🙂

Chester - ready to go
Chester – ready to go
Leaves in the Snow - Oct 26
Leaves in the Snow – Oct 26
Leaves in the Snow - Oct 26
Leaves in the Snow – Oct 26

It is a busy day today, so I will stay away from Africam until I have my chores and errands done.  Otherwise, I won’t get anything done – LOL

You will find me there later this afternoon though.  🙂