Chester gave us a bit of a scare yesterday, but so far today he seems to be fine again.

I can only guess, but I think he must have had a seizure after I left for work in the morning.  I can not find the spot where he had it, but his actions indicate that he did.  A seizure is not unexpected, since it is 4 months since his last one and the one before that had also been 4 month away – so I suspect we have settled into a routine and we can live with once every 4 months.

Chester has never been a counter surfer and I have been able to leave anything on top of the counter and it would not be touched.  Dakota was another story and I couldn’t leave anything edible on the counter.

Yesterday Chester grabbed a package of free samples that had just come in the mail.  There was no food in the samples.  He ate dishwasher pods, laundry pods as well as other things that I am not sure about.  I hadn’t really examined the contents of the box, but had taken out a pouch of cat food to give to Angela for her cats.

Of course, he threw up (in the house) and had diarrhea (outside).  I knew this had happened before I got home because Angela had called me at work to let me know.  He seemed to have something stuck in his throat and kept trying to cough it up – but I couldn’t see anything.

He didn’t want to eat when I fed him last night, which meant that he wasn’t getting his meds either.  About an hour after I fed him, he did finally decided he wanted it, so by then he must have been feeling better.  He was still doing a bit of hacking this morning, but I still couldn’t find anything in his mouth or throat and he was acting much happier.  Right now he has settled down and is resting and breathing fine though.

I took a couple of pictures of Chester outside this morning ( in the sunshine and before the snow starts falling).

Chester Nov 9
Chester Nov 9
Chester Nov 9
Chester Nov 9

We saw some geese flying south this morning when we took our walk along the Red  River.  It turned pretty chilly over night and snow is in the forecast, so I guess they have decided to move south now.

Geese Nov 9
Geese Nov 9

I have places to go and things to do, so can not check in with Africam this morning.  I’ll be there later this afternoon though.

Keeping my membership up in the JMI (just missed it) Club, I just missed 4 beautiful Cheetahs at Nkorho when I left to go to sleep the other day.  Luckily Tourneyman1 managed to get 3 videos of these beautiful creatures, who stayed for a wonderful long visit.

You can see them by following these links

Cheetahs #1

Cheetahs #2

Cheetahs #3

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