After the Storm

Things are back to normal after our first winter storm of the season over the weekend.

By shoveling small parts at a time, I managed to get all the sidewalks cleared as well as around my car in the back.  I’ll let Angela look after around her car.  My neighbour used his snow blower behind the cars, which made that part much easier.

The city plowed the back lane and left a little bump there, but I got rid of that without much more work.  It was fresh when I tackled it, so it wasn’t too bad.    I used the shovel on the car too, since the snow was several inches deep all over it and then took the snow brush to it before going anywhere.

I think this is about as much snow as we had all last winter and I’d be happy if no more fell.

There was still a bit more snow coming down yesterday and again this morning, but it won’t add up too much.  Some had already fallen on my nicely shoveled sidewalk before I took these pictures of Chester yesterday afternoon.

Chester Nov 11
Chester Nov 11

I wish the sun would shine.  We are supposed to see a bit of it over the next few days (in between snow flurries).

Chester Nov 11
Chester Nov 11

After Chester and I go for our walk, there is a little bit of time to journey to Africa via Africam and then its off to work I go.  Have a great day.

2 thoughts on “After the Storm

    1. Thanks Justine. We can always hope, but don’t always get what we hope for. With luck, both of us won’t have to put up with any more of the white stuff than what we have already.


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