I sometimes look at the search words or phrases that people have used to come to my Word Press site.  The stats don’t tell me what page they ended up on with the search, but sometimes I can guess.  Often they seem to just end up on the home page though, which is usually a long way from what they were searching for.

It surprises me how many people have searched for ‘Stefan Batory’, which is the ship that I took to come home from Europe in 1975 as well as the number of searches  looking for the passenger list.

Some people are looking for ‘poor old comforter’ or Dalmatian comforter, which must be from when I showed the comforter that Chester loves to drag around.

I’m not sure how ‘pisa red light district’ searches ended up on my page.  I know I was in Pisa, but I sure don’t remember a red light district there.  I don’t know if they ended up on the Pisa part of my trip or the Amsterdam part, where I know I mentioned the red light district.

I have no idea where ‘mingominders’ would have taken someone on my site.

A search for ‘mongoose furnace’ is another one that I have no idea what they mean or what page they would have gone too.  I may have mentioned my furnace situation since I did get a new furnace not too long ago, and I would have mentioned Mongoose after going to the zoo here, but not likely in the same post.

‘what happened in autumn’ interests me.  It sounds like a mystery of some kind, but I don’t have any idea where this search would have ended up.

A post a few years ago about my lawnmower being under water in my tool shed in the spring brought in several searches over the years about ‘why doesn’t my lawnmower start’ or ‘water in my lawnmower’.

A search on ‘zebra square bar monaco’ makes me wonder.  I was in Monaco, but I don’t remember anything about a zebra square bar.  Maybe just one word in a string of words is all it takes and the monaco would have taken them to my trip blog or maybe the zebra would have taken them to a visit to the zoo or to my trip to South Africa?

A lot of searches mention Africam and some of the cameras there – so those don’t surprise me.  They also mention specific animals that are or have been seen on the cams, such as the Mapogo Lions ( particularly Kinky Tail or Mr T) or Wonky the Elephant or even just the multiview cameras to view.  The ‘Majingiline Lion’ searches could have taken them to an Africam page or to the sighting I had of them while in Sabi Sands.

The ‘crocodile lion’ search likely would have taken them to my trip to Kruger and Sabi Sands this year and there may have been a day when I saw and mentioned both crocodile and lion.  We don’t see crocodiles on any of the Africam cams.

There are searches for my pets – Chester, Jewel or Dakota and they would likely find a list of  pages about them.  Some searches are just for Mavis or mavimet, which would likely go to the home page.  I have been hearing lately that there is an engine in Thomas & Friends that is named Mavis – so between this engine and a lot of other Mavis people, animals and streets, I am surprised that anyone would find me by searching Mavis – but it says that is what some visitors searched.

There are also 272 Unknown Search Terms which according to Word Press means “Some search engines don’t reveal search terms for privacy reasons.  That’s why we don’t always know which search terms were used by visitors who arrived at your site from a search engine.  When we don’t know the search terms, we show them as “Unknown search terms”.”

There are hundreds more searches, but most of them are pretty specific and mostly about pictures – seagull on dock, snow on marigolds, wood duck babies and so on.  It is fun to look at these sometimes and I thought you might enjoy them too.

Time to head over to Africam now for some quality wildlife viewing.  🙂