A Mystery

After my round of shopping and errands today, since I couldn’t do them yesterday because of the furnace inspector, I found that the City Water Department had been in my yard.  They dug up the shut-off valve for my house, marked it in blue and marked lines of blue up to my house.  None of the other houses in the area had this done.

I kind of expected there would be a notice in my mailbox to say what was going on, but there wasn’t.  I hadn’t called them and couldn’t think of any reason why they would dig in my yard and mark up the snow, so I called 311, which is the only way we can contact city departments here.

After being on hold with 311 for about 20 minutes, I finally got someone who could offer no explanation other than the standard ones.  These suggestions were that it could be any department doing work and needed the lines marked.  I informed her that no other utilities come into my house from the front.  She was still sure that at least one of the others ones did, but I let her know that I am fully aware that hydro, gas and Shaw come in from the back.  Those are the only other utilities, and none of them are doing work in my house now anyway.

She finally said that she would send a message to the water department and someone would get back to me in 2 business days.  That means I should hear from them on Tuesday according to my calculations.  I suspect that they were on the wrong street and I will have to clean the yard up myself in the spring.  Even if they were in the right place and they had a reason for digging in my yard, I guess I will be responsible for fixing the mess.  Guess I’ll have to buy some grass seed.

Stay tuned.

By the way, my furnace passed the inspection this time.

Here’s my yard now.

It's not even Christmas colours
It’s not even Christmas colours

I need to relax in front of Africam’s cams now.  Hope some critters co-operate and show themselves.  🙂