Speed Test

When you sign up for internet access, you have options in your packages to choose a speed.  Most people probably choose the highest speed they can afford, but have no idea what those number mean.

I don’t really know what the numbers mean either, but as long as pages open fairly quickly, I’m happy.

My ISP is Shaw and the package I chose was called Shaw Extreme, which gives up to 25 mbps download speed (which is the speed used when you are viewing pages).   Now the packages are listed according to the download speed – so mine is currently called High Speed 25.  I also get 250 gb data per month.  Those numbers are plenty high enough for the needs of my daughter and I.

Yesterday when I came home from work, the websites were taking ages to load and the cams at Africam were taking more ages to open.  There are a couple of sites where you can check your internet speed when this happens, so after a suggestion (reminder) from a friend, I went to a page called speedtest  There I found out that my download speed was about 2 mbps instead of 25 mbps.

My daughter was online and was downloading something, so she stopped while I did the test again, and it was pretty much the same.  At that point I decided to contact Shaw.  Shaw has their own speedtest page, so he asked me to do that first.  The results were similar but he said there were no problems showing up – so the next step was to re-set my router.

I re-set my router on a fairly regular basis.  If a website won’t load, a re-set will get it back.  This happens quite often with both Africam and Facebook for some reason.  These are the sites I am on every day.  After things got going again, my speed jumped up to the mid 20’s where it belongs.

How many of you know about these speed test sites (there are probably more) and how many of you know that re-setting the router (or modem) will resolve a slow speed or website that won’t load?  I’m sure we all know that computer problems can often be resolved by re-starting the computer, so I guess it is the same with the devices that connect our computers to the internet for internet problems.

My speed tests this morning are still at normal range and all is running smoothly.

I guess today is day 1 waiting for the city to contact me about the mess in my front yard.  I am still thinking they have the wrong yard and am a little worried that I will come home to a bigger mess if they come in to do some work here while I am at work.  If they had gone down the block and dug up everyone’s yard I would just think this is a city project, but this is just my yard.

Time to turn to Africam.  Have a great day.