How Many Days Was That?

I am counting back to last Saturday and it seems to be more than 2 days since the city was supposed to contact me to let me know why they were digging in my yard.  Have I mentioned how frustrating it is trying to contact a city department here?

Someone’s decision years ago to centralize things so that people can get all the information they want/need by calling a simple 311 number has made it impossible to get any information at all.  I suppose if you want the hours for the swimming pools, they may be able to provide that, but I don’t know how much help they are otherwise.  I think at first, they would give you the phone number to the department.  Now they just have the department contact you (in 2 days).

This morning I wrote to Dan Vandal, who is my city councillor.  I believe that he is allowed to contact the department directly, so he or one of his staff may be able to find an answer for me (if they take the time to do it).

I will be looking for his response when I get home from work today.

I just looked at his FAQ page

For emergencies, please call 911
For non-emergency City of Winnipeg Issues, please call 311

For questions about seniors’ snow clearing, please call 948-xxxx.

Who do I call about street lamp problems? For questions about street lamp problems, please call Manitoba Hydro at 474-xxxx.

I think its funny that since Manitoba Hydro is not a city department, he gives out their phone number in his FAQ.  I am going to have to phone the number about senior’s snow clearing one day.  I’m a senior and I wonder if that means someone will clear my snow for me?  Who knew that there is a seniors’ snow clearing number.

Of course, I didn’t look at the FAQ before sending my email.  It sure would have been funny if there had been a FAQ about why the city was digging in a yard.

I guess this was an official City of Winnipeg rant.

Now, it is time to relax in front of the cams of Africam.  We had an amazing Wild Dog sighting at Nkorho last night (this morning in Africa).

Sit back and watch the videos

Wild Dogs – Part 1

Wild Dogs – Part 2

Wild Dogs – Part 3

Wild Dogs Part 4

Wild Dogs Part 5

Wild Dogs Part 6

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  1. Hope your mystery soon gets solved. I am intrigued as yourself to know why they were digging in your backyard


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