It’s Snowing

OK – its the end of November and it snows here at this time of year.  I don’t have to like it – its just the way it is. Right now it is coming down fairly heavily.  At least the snow has covered the mess the city made last Saturday.  I still haven’t heard from the City of Winnipeg Water department or Dan Vandal, my city counselor to let me know why they were there.

Visibility is not good with the snow and wind, so I’m sticking close to home and doing laundry and other household type stuff that doesn’t get done often enough.  Chester just had his nails shortened.  He was actually much better about it that usual, which was a treat for me.  He, of course, got a treat just for having it done.

Here is a look at the snow covered mess in my yard.  Looks nice and neat now.  🙂

The Yard Nov 24
The Yard Nov 24

Most of the snow we got earlier has melted, so it is almost like we are starting winter over again.

Chester and I took a different route on our walk today trying to avoid the wind.  It didn’t really work though.  No pictures from the walk, since we didn’t go by the Red River.

I wonder what might show up on Africam today.  I think I’ll take a look.

2 thoughts on “It’s Snowing

  1. I would send you a picture of our rain but that’s difficult to capture.Plenty of it here
    At least with snow everything is covered up giving an impression of ‘cleanliness.’


    1. I have trouble getting pictures showing the snow coming down too Mary, but it is easy to photograph on the ground. It does brighten things up during our short days and long nights though and without the snow cover, we would just be looking at brown grass and dead flowers.


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