On My Way Home From Work Yesterday

I was on my way home from work yesterday when I took a little detour.  The dealership where I bought my car 11 years ago had invited me (and a million other people I’m sure) to come by and have some goodies, spin a wheel to win and of course – look at the new cars.  I won $10.00 when I spun the wheel.

I had no intention of buying a car.  I was going to see what I could win and have some goodies.    But – I bought a car.

It is not a new car.  It was traded in the day before and is only 2 years old.  It is in beautiful condition and has lots of extras.  It is a 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt.   It is a green colour that sometimes looks blue under certain light.  Of course, the only light I saw it in, were the street lights, since it was dark.

The dealership is going to spend today getting it all ready for me.  They will put it through their inspection process, clean it up (not that it needs any cleaning), do the oil change and any maintenance required, add the undercoating and hopefully put a bit of gas in it.  I’ll have to remember to look to see where the gas tank is on this car.

I will also have to find some money very quickly.

I’ll have pictures tomorrow.  🙂  I hope Chester likes it.

Time to take an Africam break before heading out for my day.