Have you ever noticed how short the weekends are compared to the work week?

Of course, the work week is longer than the weekend (5 days to 2 days), but in reality, the weekend seems much shorter than it should be.

I have a decent job – the pay isn’t great, but I work with great people and most of the members at the Y are wonderful as well.  It is just that I run out of free time to get the things done around the house that I should be doing.

Speaking of the Y, there are a lot of changes coming, with a new CEO and a major shuffle of many of the management positions.  It is a little exciting to look forward to all the changes and see where everyone is when the dust settles.  🙂

But, I can’t stray too far from my weekends.  I save all my chores for the weekend.  This includes laundry, vacuming, grocery shopping, grooming Chester (brushing, nails, etc), cleaning Jewel’s cage and anything else I have to get done such as snow shoveling in the winter and grass cutting in the summer.

Since I won’t have any vacation plans for a long time (too many debts to pay off), I will probably use my vacation days this year to take long weekends in the summer, which helps – but then it is extra hard to go back to the 5 day work week.

A couple of years ago when the weather was extremely cold here during the winter, I figured out that it would take exactly 24 hours to drive south to Texas – but to go on a 2 day weekend, that would mean I would have to turn around immediately and start driving back north again to make it home in time to go to work.  A 3 day weekend would give me time to sleep in between the 24 hour drives.  The only problem with working a 4 day week is that I would only get paid for 4 days and I could not afford to take the drive there.

So – I have now determined that the real problem is lack of money.  If I had more money, I wouldn’t have to work as many days (or maybe not at all).  Then I could drive south for the winter to avoid the cold weather here.  My options are a job that pays more or winning a lottery.  I buy lottery tickets, but don’t seem to win anything.  I don’t want to take on an extra job because that would shorten my weekends even more.

I will have to ponder this a bit longer and if I come up with a solution, I will be sure to let you know.

Now, I’d better get a couple more chores done and then I can sit down to watch the cams at Africam.  See you there.

I just made this iphone case on Zazzle using a picture of a Cheetah that I saw in Kruger National Park this past summer.

Cheetah IPhone case