As you know – I had my dream vacation in August when I went to South Africa and stayed in Kruger National Park at various camps and Sabi Sands at Nkorho Bush Lodge.  I have only been back home 3 1/2 months, but my dream now is to get back there again.

It is too late to start planning for 2013, but I can see myself going again in 2014. 🙂

This way, instead of going on mostly borrowed money, I should be able to start putting some cash away now and have a good chunk saved by then.  Last time, I decided I was going about a year before and by the time I had my trip planned enough to book, it was only 10 months in advance.  That meant that some of the options I wanted at some of the camps were not available and I had to make a couple of changes.  This time, I will be booking Kruger exactly 11 months in advance and shouldn’t have that problem.

Trips to Australia and South America are still on my list, but the pull to Africa is stronger.

I am thinking of 2 stops at Sabi Sands this time.  I want to go back to Nkorho (of course), but I would also love to go to Idube Game Reserve.  Africam has a new camera installed at Scotia Dam at Idube.  The staff and rangers there seem very friendly and helpful and I would love to meet them and to see that area of Sabi Sands.  I may see if I can start at one lodge, then go to the camps in Kruger and then back to Sabi Sands for the other lodge.

Stay tuned as the planning begins again.  🙂

Kruger National Park - Aug 13/12
Kruger National Park – Aug 13/12

It is still much too early to book anything so I can go back and forth as to whether I go around the same time of year to see dry grass and trees or to go once the rains start to see everything nice and green.  With the nice and green, the sightings will include lots of babies as well as lots of bugs and the possibility of days of rain.

If you are interested and haven’t read through my trip in August, you can find it starting here.

Now, it is time to walk the Chester dog and then settle down in front of the Africam cams until I have to leave for work.

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