Chester is doing great!

As well as the prescribed meds for his seizures, I have put him on an over the counter supplement for mature dogs and he has more energy now along with hardly any limping after waking up.  For awhile he always limped for a few minutes, but other than the white on his face, he is hardly showing his age at all now.  🙂  He is also back to ignoring the steps in the back yard and just jumping up to the landing.  There are 4 steps and he always just jumped from the ground, until he started to stiffen up a bit.  For several months, he was then taking 1/2 at each jump and now he just jumps all the way up.  He also has no problem getting up onto the bed again.  🙂

He is almost finished his second bottle of these vitamins so it has been about 3 months since he started taking them.  It took about 2 months before he showed signs of improvement.

Unfortunately, he has also developed a couple of problem activities.  They are both related to eating.  One is that he has been ripping, tearing and eating paper and other stuff in the house.  I have had to lock up the living room with a gate to keep him out of there, since that is where he is finding most of this stuff.  I mentioned in here a few weeks ago about him getting into a sample box that arrived and I had assumed he had a seizure, which caused him to do this.  Now I’m wondering.  I never did find the location of his seizure, which normally is easy to find – so that might just have been the start of his eating problems.  The other problem with eating is that he is eating snow on our walks.  Not just a bite or two though – he grabs a bite every 2nd step.  He likes the chunks of snow.  Many of the chunks are what the snow plow digs up along the road, so they are brown chunks that contain sand and salt.  The white chunks are only eaten if there are no brown chunks to bite into.  I have had to shorten his leash and can stop him about 1/2 the time this way.  He still eats too much of it and is often coughing by the time we get home.  Some days when he is eating too much, I shorten the leash more and make him heel for much of the walk.

The walk is only about a 1/2 hour per day and the eating paper has been solved with the gate, so for 23 1/2 hours per day – all is good.  🙂

I took a couple of pictures of Chester while he was waiting for me at the gate for our walk yesterday.  🙂

Dec 15 - Chester
Dec 15 – Chester
Dec 15 - Chester
Dec 15 – Chester

I definitely got the ‘hurry up’ look from him, but his tail is up and wagging.

Time to get a little bit of cam time on Africam.  See you there.  Have you noticed that they now have Africam Radio, so you can have the sounds up without the cams.  Sometimes its great to just listen.

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