Re-Visiting South Africa

Well, I’m  not actually re-visiting there now – but I was going through the pictures from my trip again and decided to make a couple of videos using the best pics.  I got quite a few good pictures while I was there, so it was tough leaving some of them out, but I didn’t want the videos to be too long – or no one would look at them.

By making each picture view a little shorter, I managed to keep lots of them in and they still stay up long enough to see the critter or the view.  🙂

The first one is Kruger – and you can find it here.

The second one is Nkorho Bush Lodge in Sabi Sands and you and find it here.

They each run about 10 minutes on their own.

Putting them together and then watching them really made me wish I could be back there.  It was such an awesome experience!  I am planning for 2014, but have to admit that it may not happen due to finances.  I can not get any further in dept when I’m so close to retirement and have to get this year’s trip paid off.  Setting a goal does give me something to plan for and a glimmer of hope that I can make it happen.

As an add-on to yesterday’s post about Chester – I thought of a way to stop him from eating so much snow on our walks and it worked (to a certain extent).  Instead of walking, we jogged.  I’m not a jogger, so it was more of a jog/walk/jog/walk kind of thing, but while jogging, he kept his head up and kept moving.  This will be good for me as well as him.  🙂

Time to watch the cams at Africam and dream about my next trip before heading off to work.  Have a great day.