One Week til Christmas!

Wow – how is it possible that there is only one week til Christmas and two weeks until it is 2013?

Obviously it happens every year, but it really snuck up on me this year.  🙂

My error detector says that snuck isn’t a word.  I’ve always used snuck, but maybe it should be sneaked?  Sneaked doesn’t sound right, but it doesn’t get the little red underlined error.  It doesn’t suggest sneaked as an option – I guess because it doesn’t know what snuck means.  I still prefer snuck, so I’m going to keep it there.

Anyway, maybe 2012 went by so quickly because I’m headed downhill now.  I always tell people that up to 50 years of age, we’re  going uphill and then we start heading down, picking up speed as we go.  Each year seems to go by quicker than the last.

It may just be that I spent the first part of the year planning and anticipating my trip to South Africa, the month of August there and the last part of the year thinking about it, looking at pictures and making plans to go back.  We do know how time flies when we’re having fun.

Whatever the reason, 2012 is almost gone and we don’t know what 2013 has to offer yet.

Yesterday I had two very nice surprises.  A young man with special needs who comes to the Y often brought me a Christmas card.  He had printed it out himself and addressed it to me and delivered it to me.   It was a nice way to start my day there.  Then, when I got home I found a parcel in my mail box.  It was from an online friend, who remembered a conversation we had months ago when she mentioned a couple of food and drink items that I had never seen or heard of before, but said that they sounded yummy.  She sent both the items to me as well as a handmade item.  That was a great end to my day.

This week is program break at the Y, so it wasn’t very busy yesterday and we expect the same for the rest of the week.  Next week Day Camp starts after Christmas, so it will be busier then.  After than is the New Year, which means New Year’s Resolutions and everything goes crazy.  I’m enjoying the break now.

Speaking of the break – it is time for me to take an Africam break after Chester and I head out for our jog/run.  Twice yesterday, we had a Leopard at the Idube cam, so I’m hoping he will come back again.

Leopard at Idube
Leopard at Idube

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