Thoughts of 2012

2012 was a good year for me.

I’ve talked endlessly about my trip to South Africa – both before and after.  🙂

I’ve also talked a lot about Chester after he developed seizures in 2011 (about the same time as I started making plans for South Africa).  Although he has recently developed a couple of annoying habits, it looks like he has gone 5 1/2 months without a seizure.   When he started to get into things, I did at first think it was because of a seizure, but I couldn’t find the location and since then he has continued to get into things without ever showing signs of a seizure.  So, it looks like his last one was mid July and his getting into things (ripping paper mainly) is maybe his 2nd puppyhood.  I guess he actually didn’t have a first puppyhood because he was neglected and ignored at his first home.  Luckily, he was turned into a rescue where I found him.

Also in 2012, I went out and bought a car without actually planning to.  I was just planning on going to the dealership to take advantage of the free goodies they were handing out – LOL.  That was an extremely big purchase to make without planning in advance and not something I normally do.  I was just thinking that my Dad did that once too though.  He took his car to the dealership to have the oil changed and he came home with a new car.  He purchased it after he paid for the oil change on the car he took in and they reimbursed him the price of the work.

I really couldn’t afford the payments for this car and have since talked to my bank and had my house remortgaged to include the car loan as well as the balance of the line of credit I had taken out to pay for my trip to South Africa.  I now owe them more than I will ever be able to pay off without selling the house.  This way I only have one (large) payment to make.  It is nowhere near as large as it would have been with the old mortgage plus the car payment plus the line of credit payment though.

I will have to save in advance before making any more travel arrangements as I can not add any more debt.  I am still waiting for a lottery win which would certainly help in my travel plans (not to mention my retirement plans – LOL).

Have a great day – I’m going to sit down in front of Africam’s cams to see what is happening.  We saw lions early this morning at Tembe.

Happy New Year
Lions at Tembe Dec 30
Lions at Tembe Dec 30