Cedar Waxwings

The Cedar Waxwings came to visit my Mountain Ash tree.  I seem to miss their visits most years, but I know they’ve been there when the berries all suddenly disappear.  Chester alerted me to them when he got excited about seeing their shadows on the curtains and I managed to get some pictures through my… Continue reading Cedar Waxwings

I’ve Got an Idea

Here we are with another day of minus 30 something temperatures – right now -34C with the windchill.   I am planning ahead for next January now, since this one is getting close to being over. There must be people who would like to experience a Winnipeg winter.  I am willing to trade my house with… Continue reading I’ve Got an Idea

Another Weekend – Another Storm

Another Saturday morning with snow to shovel.  Nowhere near as much as last Saturday, but it is still snowing and blowing.  Next problem will be getting out and to work in the morning.  I may have to talk to my friend in Texas to make sure she has a room ready for me. There is… Continue reading Another Weekend – Another Storm

Smart Phone

I have had a cell phone for several years now, starting when my daughter got her beginner driver license in preparation for when she would be driving on her own.  The phone went with whoever had the car.  Before long, she had her own phone and between us there  have been several cell phones in… Continue reading Smart Phone


I don’t know if they are officially calling it a blizzard or not, but I would just consider it a winter storm myself.  We had high winds and some snow (don’t know how much) with drifting and the temperatures took a sudden drop, but didn’t get enough snow for the blizzard look. I certainly have… Continue reading Blizzard?

A Slower Walk

Instead of jogging this morning, I decided to take my camera when Chester and I left for our walk.  I had looked out the window and seen some beautiful colours in the sky and thought I could get a sunrise picture over the Red River. As we all know, the best shot of the sunrise… Continue reading A Slower Walk

Scams and Scammers

Since I wrote my blog titled Stupid, Stupid, Stupid I have noticed a lot of traffic and a lot of internet searches for Mizulean.  Obviously I am not the only one who was caught by this scam.  A friend of mine called it a brain fart for me to get caught and that seems to… Continue reading Scams and Scammers

Manitoba Children’s Museum

Yesterday I volunteered with the Adult Day Program at the Y.  I often spend my Friday off work volunteering with them.  They go to fun places and have a nice lunch – so I go along to help out as often as I can.  Sometimes it is hard giving up one of my days off… Continue reading Manitoba Children’s Museum

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

At my advanced age, you would think I would have better sense – but I fell for one of those ads that promise so much.  😦 The extra stupid thing is that I really do know better. Anyway, I ordered a free two week supply of some miracle pills and my weight is supposed to… Continue reading Stupid, Stupid, Stupid


The only reason I don’t feed the outside birds in the winter is because Chester goes bonkers whenever he see birds outside.  So, its always nice when I do get to see birds in the trees outside my window (as long as Chester doesn’t see them first). Yesterday he was out in the back yard… Continue reading Chickadee