Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

At my advanced age, you would think I would have better sense – but I fell for one of those ads that promise so much.  😦

The extra stupid thing is that I really do know better.

Anyway, I ordered a free two week supply of some miracle pills and my weight is supposed to just drop off like magic.  I work in a fitness centre, and I know that the way to loose weight is to exercise and to eat right.  One or the other will loose weight, but both together is the best way, obviously.

I received my pills on January 2nd.  There is MizuLean and PuraCleanse from Natural Health Network and it is highly suggested that both are to be used together for the best results.  I had to pay shipping of $4.95 each and agreed to that.

What I did not agree too and was not on the website or in the confirmation email was the additional 2 weeks that were included with this shipment.  The letter that accompanied them said that if I was not satisfied with the products, that I would have to call them within the 2 weeks and cancel and to ship back the additional ones they sent (at my expense).  If I did not cancel and return the extra 2 weeks worth, they would charge my credit card $160.00 to cover the full 4 weeks and they would send more.  These would be billed directly to my credit card, which they got because I paid for the shipping.

When I call them to cancel, I had to get a return merchandise #.  Just returning them would not be sufficient and they had to be returned requiring a signature, which means extra cost.

First thing I did was to call them to tell them it was being cancelled.  The only answer was a recording saying to wait for an operator.  While waiting, there was a loud & annoying ring every 2 seconds.  I held on for 20 minutes (at each number because each sample had a different phone number to call), without ever talking to anyone.

My next move was to phone the credit card company to cancel or change my credit card.  They agreed with me that this did not sound good and marked my card as lost to have a new number and a new card generated.  That meant contacting 2 places that have pre-authorized payments set up on the credit card to give them another card number.  Unfortunately the other credit card expires in a couple of months, so I will have to make another change before long.

I am pretty sure that any additional they sent without my consent does not have to be returned or paid for, but have not contacted a lawyer on that.   That was certainly not part of what was on the website and not on my confirmation email either.

While I was writing this, they actually returned my call from yesterday morning (the day after I received the shipment).  I told her I was not happy about having to return the extra 2 weeks and I would not be using the product – returning everything.  She advised me that I was past the 2 week trial period and could not return it!  My reply was that I got it 2 days ago and asked how I could be past the 2 weeks – but apparently the 2 weeks starts from my order date, which meant that yesterday (when I phoned them) was the 14th day.  Since I received it so late, she would reduce the price for me though.

I told her then that the credit card had been cancelled and her reply was that they would send this to collections.

So – now, I have a full 4 weeks supply of these miracle pills and am afraid to use them.  A company that pulls a scam like this can not really be trusted to make anything that is healthy.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.


After I posted this, I got another phone call from someone else at this company.  She acted as if she didn’t know anything about the phone call I had just been on with someone else and offered to look into the account after I told her I had already spoken to someone.  She said that since I did call yesterday, she would allow me to return 1/2 the product and gave me the numbers I needed to put on the envelope.    She said to be sure and remove 1/2 the product, so it should cost less to return it.  She said the website did have the information about them sending more than requested, but most people did not see it.  I can’t be bothered to go back to the website with a magnifying glass to try to locate this bit of information.  I have packaged it all back up in the envelope it arrived in and will mail it out tomorrow.

Then she offered to send me another trial of something else that I would also have to phone to cancel if I didn’t want it – but would not have to return anything and I told her not to bother.   She sounded surprised that I didn’t take her up on this offer.

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2 thoughts on “Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

  1. wow!!! That is horrible!! I had a similar incident with beach body and it made me vow to never order from them again! Now, if there is a product I want to try, I read reviews and then look on amazon and ebay. Cheaper shipping usually and no hassle.

    I was wondering if the product worked. Some do… but they are few and far between.


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