Manitoba Children’s Museum

Yesterday I volunteered with the Adult Day Program at the Y.  I often spend my Friday off work volunteering with them.  They go to fun places and have a nice lunch – so I go along to help out as often as I can.  Sometimes it is hard giving up one of my days off work, but I always end up glad that I did.

Yesterday, it was a trip to the Manitoba Children’s Museum, located at the Forks in Winnipeg.

You might wonder why we would take a group of seniors to the Children’s Museum.  I know I wondered when they told me that is where we were going.  They have an attraction there that many seniors would remember from the Eatons store that used to occupy a huge building in downtown Winnipeg.   It is the fairytail vignettes that were the highlight in their trips to see Santa Claus in December many years ago.  At one time the displays used to be in the outdoor window displays and then they were moved inside by Santa’s castle.

I haven’t been to the Children’s Museum in about 20 years, when my daughter and I used to spend some time there.  It is a completely different experience than what it was back then.  It it wasn’t for the old train inside the building (yes an actual engine and car), I would have no idea it was the same place.  The one thing that is the same is that everything is ‘hands on’ for the kids.  They touch, feel and explore everything.  There are no signs that say ‘don’t touch’.

The actual fairytail vignettes can not be touched because they are behind glass, but each one has a button to make them move.

The seniors enjoyed the display we went to see as well as watching the children playing and having fun.  We then went for lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory in the next building and then it was time to head for home.

Last night on Africam, we had a pride of lions spend the whole night at the Tembe waterhole.  They were such fun to watch and they even stayed until the sun was up so we could see them in colour.  There are lots of videos posted in the recent posts page and lots of pictures posted in today’s picture threads.  Take a look at Africam Recent Posts.