Scams and Scammers

Since I wrote my blog titled Stupid, Stupid, Stupid I have noticed a lot of traffic and a lot of internet searches for Mizulean.  Obviously I am not the only one who was caught by this scam.  A friend of mine called it a brain fart for me to get caught and that seems to fit.

Some of the searches are questioning if this is a scam and some of them are wanting to know if it works.

It is definitely a scam and if the Mizulean worked, there would be no reason for them to scam people, so I can reasonably say that they definitely do not work.  I would be afraid that they are not even safe to take and could cause serious health problems.

Judging by some of the comments of others who have been caught by this company, many people lost a lot more money than I did.  I am just out the shipping (both ways), but I was lucky and cancelled my credit card before they put the charge on it.  I am willing to bet that a lot of people did not read the inserts that came with the shipment and at this time may not even know they have been charged.  They know that a few of us are going to catch on quick but than many more will not.  After the initial charge of $160.00 for the ‘free’ trial plus the additional they sent, they will also continue to charge this again every 4 weeks as they send out more shipments.

The company itself will likely close up and then re-open under another name with another miracle product – so please be aware.  If what they are offering seems too good to be true, then it is not true.  The scammers know that people are willing to grasp at straws to find an easy way to accomplish something and the internet has made it much easier for them to reach more and more people to scam.

Be aware.

When it involves your health, please ask your doctor or even your pharmacist.

Do not act on impulse – think about it and research it.

I need some Africam time after Chester and I have our walk and before I have to leave for work.  🙂

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2 thoughts on “Scams and Scammers

  1. They use your debit number and security code i was told to cancel your card as lost or stolen so you get a new card number and security pin. They have been trading for ages it shouldnt be allowed


    1. Thanks Tony – I’m glad I cancelled my card immediately. Hopefully some people will see this and get theirs cancelled before they loose any more money too.


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