A Slower Walk

Instead of jogging this morning, I decided to take my camera when Chester and I left for our walk.  I had looked out the window and seen some beautiful colours in the sky and thought I could get a sunrise picture over the Red River.

As we all know, the best shot of the sunrise is very fleeting, so by the time I got my jacket and shoes on along with Chester’s leash and walked to the river, the best of the sunrise had past.  It still look very nice though, so I took a couple of pictures.

Sunrise Jan 10 2013
Sunrise Jan 10 2013

DSCN6203 (800x588)

Yesterday, we had 3 Leopard sightings on Africam. Two at Idube and one at Tembe.  We have pictures and videos of all sightings if you would like to have a look.  I originally put 2 sightings, but when I went to get the links for you, I see that the one at Idube came back later with her cub.  Wow  🙂

Instead of giving you all the video links, you can go directly to the video highlights to pick the ones you want to watch.  You can find it here.

Although, I said the Leopard sightings were yesterday, I was referring to my yesterday, so you can find the pictures taken in both January 9 and January 10 from the daily pictures site here.