I don’t know if they are officially calling it a blizzard or not, but I would just consider it a winter storm myself.  We had high winds and some snow (don’t know how much) with drifting and the temperatures took a sudden drop, but didn’t get enough snow for the blizzard look.

I certainly have some shoveling to do though.  I’m glad I didn’t have to go to work today.

By tomorrow morning, most of the roads should be cleared and some of the neighbours have already done shoveling or snow blowing in the back lane, so I don’t expect any problems getting the car moving once my parking area is cleaned off.  I shoveled out to where the car is parked in the hopes of getting out to pick my friend Connie up and go for breakfast – but the drifts up against the car and the drifts in the lane called that trip off.  I am close enough to the Red Top Restaurant that I walked there myself though.

When I got back from breakfast, Chester and I had a short walk.  It is hard work (= good exercise) plowing through the snow to walk and Chester gets snow in between his toes which quickly turns to ice, so he was happy to get back home early.

I took a couple of pictures before getting the shovel out.

DSCN6206 (763x800)

After the Storm - Jan 12
After the Storm – Jan 12

Now it is time to get the shovel out and and start digging.  After that I will sit down and watch the cams at Africam.  See you there.