Another Weekend – Another Storm

Another Saturday morning with snow to shovel.  Nowhere near as much as last Saturday, but it is still snowing and blowing.  Next problem will be getting out and to work in the morning.  I may have to talk to my friend in Texas to make sure she has a room ready for me.

There is no use doing any shoveling with the wind blowing as it is now.  The windchill is currently -27C and by morning they expect it to be -36C.  I’m sure not looking forward to that.

South Africa is getting another flood – almost to the same date as last year’s big one one that wiped a lot of roads and bridges out in Kruger National Park and had much of Sabi Sands closed due to road wipe outs too.  Many of the bridges in both areas were still being worked on when I was there in August, so hopefully this one turns out to be less destructive.   People are being evacuated from many of the camps by helicopter.

I only know about Winnipeg and the Kruger/Sabi Sands areas in South Africa, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there are lots of storms in other places as well – so please stay safe, dry and warm – wherever you are.

Time to get Chester’s nails shortened and then I’m off to  Africam.

Chester Jan 19
Chester Jan 19