I’ve Got an Idea

Here we are with another day of minus 30 something temperatures – right now -34C with the windchill.   I am planning ahead for next January now, since this one is getting close to being over.

There must be people who would like to experience a Winnipeg winter.  I am willing to trade my house with someone in a warm climate who never gets to experience cold and snow, for some time in their home.  I would leave my warm clothing, so they wouldn’t have to buy any, and would leave my mukluks and shoe spikes also.  Of course, they would be able to experience shoveling the snow as well as walking through it.

I will have to come up with an ad to place somewhere to see if I can find someone willing to make a trade for a month.  I bet there is a house swapping site somewhere.

I am not fussy about where I go – it could be Australia, South America, Africa – any place where it is summer in January.  I’ll probably never get anyone to repeat the experience, but maybe I can find a new sucker (oh I mean participant) each year and this way I will get to many new places every January.

I’m going to need help coming up with a good ad to attract these people year after.  Any suggestions?

My Blue Spruce with snow on it would attract some – right?

Experience a Winnipeg Winter
Experience a Winnipeg Winter

Maybe I should have taken the picture when the sun was shining on it.

While I ponder this some more and wait for suggestions or ideas, I am going to hang out at Africam to watch some critters.

2 thoughts on “I’ve Got an Idea

  1. What a great idea. Unfortunately here in the U.k it’s a bit milder but we do experience snow. That’s when everyone panics. They have no idea how to cope with a little snow. They should visit your country and take a leaf out of your books.
    Hope some one from AFRICA takes up your offer as it is where you like best


    1. Thanks Mary – yes, we have certainly learned how to survive in less than ideal temperatures here. Yes, I would be happy with any place in Africa 🙂


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