Receiving faxes

So – what do you do if you do not have a fax  and someone keeps trying to send one to you?

I have a company in Saskatchewan that has been trying to send me a fax for about a year now.  You probably know that if a fax does not go through, it will automatically try to send it again and again.  It is not unusual for 10 attempts in a day and then it does it again the next day.

This company has a branch in Winnipeg, so I have contacted them about 3 times to ask this to stop.  They apologize and say they will notify the sender.  About a month goes by and it starts up again.  I have noticed that this repeats in this fashion whether I contact the Winnipeg branch or not so I have been ignoring it.

Several months ago when I bought a new printer, I almost got one that is also a fax – just so I could receive these and avoid the beeps in my phone messages, but decided I would probably have to purchase quite a bit more paper and I really preferred the printer that did not have the fax.

In this last week, I have returned home to find the usual 10 beep messages more often than usual and now it is coming from 2 different fax number. in Saskatchewan- so I called the Winnipeg branch again.  The office was closed, so when it gave a list of options, I choose the branch manager and left him a message.  He called me the next day – very apologetic and said that he would make this stop.  He even gave me his personal cell phone number to contact him if it does not stop.

I’m not going to hold my breath on this unless the calls stop for 2 months or more, but I am keeping his cell phone number to call when it starts up again.

I have never done business with this company, so I am assuming that someone with a similar number who has a fax has been missing out on their information.   I don’t know what they are sending, since I can not receive a fax on my phone number.

I actually took the fax numbers from Saskatchewan to work with me so I could fax them a notice to stop – but neither one would accept my fax so they must be set up to send, but not receive.

Time to get back to Africam, where it is nice and warm.  See you there.