I Like To Eat

I really do like to eat – but I really don’t like to cook.  Yesterday I decided to try out a couple of recipes that I had seen on Facebook.  Don’t worry – this isn’t going to turn into a food blog, since I won’t do this often, but I thought you might enjoy and… Continue reading I Like To Eat

The Geese are Back

I guess it must be spring – the Canada Geese are returning.  They generally return in the last couple of weeks of March – so they sure aren’t early, but we generally do not still have over 2 feet of snow at this time of year.  I hope they can find food. I saw one… Continue reading The Geese are Back

Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winter

I haven’t been to the Assiniboine Park Zoo for awhile and I’ve hardly ever been there in the winter.  I know it is officially spring, but with 3 feet of snow still on the ground, its still winter as far as I am concerned. I’m not sure if I have even been there since my… Continue reading Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winter

MizuLean and PuraCleanse and Winter

I haven’t had any more to do with the company selling mizulean and puracleanse, but in the last couple of weeks, I have had a lot of people reading my blog after searching for info on these two items.  This leads me to believe that they have again found a way to hit a lot… Continue reading MizuLean and PuraCleanse and Winter

Medical Stuff

Whew – I’m finally finished with all my medical stuff.  It doesn’t pay to keep putting things off until everything is due at once. In the last 3 weeks, I’ve had 2 dental appointments, 2 eye doctor appointments and a mammogram. But – the tooth I broke last summer is now fixed, my eyes are… Continue reading Medical Stuff

Catch Up

After I typed in the title for today’s blog, I just had a flashback to one of the books that my daughter used to have and that we would read over again and again.  🙂  It was called Catch Up Ketchup.  It was about a Monkey named Ketchup, who was always lagging behind and was… Continue reading Catch Up