Medical Stuff

Whew – I’m finally finished with all my medical stuff.  It doesn’t pay to keep putting things off until everything is due at once.

In the last 3 weeks, I’ve had 2 dental appointments, 2 eye doctor appointments and a mammogram.

But – the tooth I broke last summer is now fixed, my eyes are good (don’t need new glasses and the glaucoma test was ok) and my mammogram was fine.  At the time I went for my mammogram, I was also given one of those nasty stool sample packages to check my colon.  That is a 3 day thing and today was day #3 for that.

Of course they still have to examine my samples and declare me healthy before that one is over.

The cost of my eye examination is covered by the plan I have at work.  One of the reasons I haven’t had an eye exam for many years is because it has not been covered, but I finally made the appointment before finding out that it was just added to my coverage.  I filled out the forms and attached my receipt and was going to send it off in the mail – but I realized that I did not have a stamp.  So, I went to the website and saw that I could submit it online.  I answered the question and clicked on submit – only to get a page that said I was randomly selected to be audited and I must send it in the mail to an office in Montreal instead of the one in Winnipeg where I would have sent it otherwise.

Then I headed out to the post office and got a stamp to send it off.  It now costs $0.63 to mail one letter now.  I hardly ever send anything in the mail, which is why I didn’t have any stamps and the last time I mailed something I think it was $0.42.

My dentist office always submits my dental bills so I don’t have to worry about that and I just pay the difference, but the eye doctor doesn’t submit anything, so I pay the full amount and get reimbursed by the plan (hopefully).  Now, I have to wait for the audit to be completed before they pay me, I guess.

Now I can relax in front of the cams to see what the critters in Africa are up to via Africam.