MizuLean and PuraCleanse and Winter

I haven’t had any more to do with the company selling mizulean and puracleanse, but in the last couple of weeks, I have had a lot of people reading my blog after searching for info on these two items.  This leads me to believe that they have again found a way to hit a lot of people at once.

If you haven’t read my previous blogs on these products, I’ll give you a quick refresher.  I was one of many who were scammed by the ads for these miracle products near the end of 2012.  I got off lucky because I realized what was going on, just hours before they were going to charge my credit card and I cancelled the card number.  My only cost was the shipping to my home and the return shipping which was under $20.00 Canadian all together.

The scary thing about the return shipping is that they are probably selling the same products again and again, without any knowledge what is actually in those capsules or how they may have been handled while in the hands of someone upset about being scammed.  They both look exactly the same and I could have easily put the wrong one in the wrong bottle.  It probably doesn’t matter though, because they are likely exactly the same product – just in different bottles.

I would think that they would make sure the capsules are not going to hurt anyone – this way they are just scamming money and not causing any personal harm.  If they caused personal harm to anyone they would hopefully be shut down.  Scamming money off people is not as serious and not worth the attention of the authorities.

If you are searching for information on these products and found your way here, I hope this is because you are searching before you ordered the products.  If not, cancel the means of payment you provided for shipping costs immediately – before they add additional charges for the “free trial”.  You do not have 14 days to try the product.  The 14 days starts the moment you place the order and it will take approximately that amount of time for it to reach you.  In my case, it was 13 days before I received it.  If they have already charged you, you must still cancel that credit card or they will continue to charge you every month.

You don’t have to actually cancel the card, but explain to the card company what has happened and they will cancel the number and issue a new card.  Don’t forget that if you have pre-authorized payments using that card, you must make the change at every place that you have given the card number.

It is back to winter here in Winnipeg.  Temperatures have dropped, which means it is very slippery everywhere now.  The snow had begun to melt and now that it has frozen again, it is ice.

I found out how slippery it was when I slipped on the ice on my way home from work the other day.  I went right down, landing on my hands and knees.  Luckily the hands stopped my face from hitting the ground, but my hands (especially the left one) was swollen & bruised for a couple of days.  The left arm is still quite sore and both my knees are slightly scraped.  Several people rushed to my aid and helped me up, although I would have preferred to just get up myself to avoid the embarrassment.  They were very nice and insisted that I accept their help though, so I thanked them and continued on my way, while stepping much more carefully.

I am wearing the spikes on my shoes when walking Chester, but can’t use them when driving so don’t wear them to work.


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5 thoughts on “MizuLean and PuraCleanse and Winter

  1. I also got conned by mizulean and puracleanse I paid 2.49 post and package for each tablets and 69.99 each tablets also paid 99.pence for insurance. and I still have not lost weight I have got in touch with my credit company I want a refund I have been conned


  2. I ordered it out of compulsive vanity, and then right away decided to google Mizulean and realized it was a scam. Didn’t even bother to call them and cancelled my credit card right away. Anyway, since I got the pills I decided to use them. I did lose a little bit of weight since I’ve started taking the pills, but it could be in conjunction with a more health-conscious diet. But if the pills do contain the ingredients the bottle says they contain, then yes, stuff like acai and green tea and various fruits and vegetable extracts do help with weight-control. So, yes, the pills are safe to take (it’s been a month and a half since I got them). But the better alternative is to go to your nearest organic health store and get a bottle of similar stuff in person.


  3. when you cancled your credit/debit card what happened then was all charges stopped, did the bank send you any letters or did the company its self send you any letters?


    1. No charges went through because I cancelled the credit card before they tried to charge it. All I got from the bank was a new credit card with a new number. I never heard from the company itself again.


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