The Geese are Back

I guess it must be spring – the Canada Geese are returning.  They generally return in the last couple of weeks of March – so they sure aren’t early, but we generally do not still have over 2 feet of snow at this time of year.  I hope they can find food.

I saw one goose standing on the train tracks just outside the city yesterday.  Then I saw 6 more fly overhead when I stopped for groceries.  This morning I could hear some flying by my house, but didn’t get out to see them.

I didn’t have my camera with me yesterday and I didn’t see them today (only heard them), so I don’t have pictures – but I can show you one of last year’s pictures.

Canada Goose Family
Canada Goose Family

There is very little if any open water for them now (unlike this picture), but there is usually quite a bit of ice and snow around when they return – so hopefully they know what they’re doing.

Its back to Africam I go now, where I can dream about making a return trip one day.  Join me there.  🙂

Happy Easter

Hope you have a wonderful Easter.