Red River Rising 2013

With the snow melting so quickly, the Red River is also rising quite quickly now.  I sawthe first report of a road closed due to flooding in the Province this morning.  There may have been other reports, but the only news I see is often on Face Book or from sources in South Africa. To… Continue reading Red River Rising 2013

More Birds at Lockport

My little drive to Lockport was to get pictures of Pelicans, but there were other birds there as well and today I’ll show you the rest of them.   Of course there were Gulls as well as Cormorants, Loons (I’m pretty sure they weren’t all Cormorants) and Common Goldeneye Ducks. As I am looking at the… Continue reading More Birds at Lockport

Pelican Day 2013

I took the drive up north to Lockport for Pelican pictures and this year I was not disappointed.  Last year they had already left by the time I went there.  I didn’t get much of them flying and landing like I had a few years ago, but I’m happy with many of the pictures.  🙂… Continue reading Pelican Day 2013

It Was a Snow Melting Day!

We finally felt some warmth in the sun yesterday and snow was disappearing!  I took a picture of my back yard today and there isn’t much of that white stuff left now.  Today isn’t bad either so more will disappear.  🙂 Yesterday we saw some geese and some ducks when Chester and I went for… Continue reading It Was a Snow Melting Day!

Geese, The Red River and a Pelican

I had an early shift at work yesterday and didn’t have time after Chester and I walked to even look at the pictures I took.  A couple of them turned out pretty good, so you get to see them today.  🙂 You will hopefully be seeing more Pelican pictures in the next couple of days. … Continue reading Geese, The Red River and a Pelican

Ducks and Bunnies

Today we have a couple of bunnies and some Common Goldeneye Ducks to see.  Some Cormorants (I think) flew by and I was able to get a quick picture of them too, but I missed a picture of 5 Pelicans flying by. The Pelicans came from behind without a sound and I just wasn’t ready… Continue reading Ducks and Bunnies

Today’s Bird Report

It was a little chilly when Chester and I took our walk to the Red River this morning – but the sun is shining and they say the temperature will get above freezing by afternoon – so hopefully some more melting will happen before our next snow.  Yes – snow is predicted for tonight and… Continue reading Today’s Bird Report