Chester and the Blanket Wars

Chester has a security blanket.  Actually it is an old 101 Dalmatian Comforter that had been my daughter’s when she was young – then it was Dakota’s when she couldn’t climb the stairs to get up to bed by herself anymore.  Chester inherited it after that, although when I first brought him home from the Irish Setter Rescue near Minneapolis, he cuddled up in that comforter in the back of the car.  So, he actually had it before  Dakota did – but after that trip, it ended up in the tool shed in the yard and was not used for years.

You can find more of Chester’s story and the blanket here.  The picture of him in the back seat of the car on the comforter is one of my favourites.

This blanket is falling apart after years of use, but he carries it around with him.  The wars began when I decided I didn’t want it on the living room rug, so I would moved it to the sun room.  Chester would bring it back in the living room almost right away, so I would send it back.

This has now become a game and he often tries to distract me from getting ready for work by standing in front of me with the blanket in his mouth.  I’ve learned to start getting ready for work a little earlier to give us time to play.

I haven’t been talking about Chester and his seizures lately, because he has now been seizure free for almost 9 months.  His last one was in mid July,  just before I left for my vacation to South Africa last year.  He is still taking all his meds every 12 hours every day and I know he can still have a seizure at any time – but am grateful to see him happy every day.

Chester and His Blanket
Chester and His Blanket

Although I haven’t been posting much about Africam, I still watch the cameras every day whenever I get a chance (and I make sure I get the chance as often as possible).  We have a new baby hippo at the newest cam at Idube, lots of elephants, including Isilo the big tusker at Tembe, and lots of other critters at both of those as well as the cams at Nkorho and Elephant Plains.