Red River and a Rant

I know the Red River is flowing now, but I didn’t expect to find rowers on it this morning.  But there they were.  🙂

Rowers on the Red River  April 20 2013
Rowers on the Red River April 20 2013
Rowers on the Red River  April 20 2013
Rowers on the Red River April 20 2013
Chester - April 20 2013
Chester – April 20 2013

It still isn’t warming up here.  As I write this it is almost noon and the temperature is -3C, but the snow and ice are melting.  🙂

My rant has nothing to do with the river or the snow, and I was hoping that this company would leave me alone after last spring when I told them that every time I get mail or a phone call from them I tell a dozen people how unhappy I was with their service.  I went on to tell that that if I hear from them again, I would tell a lot more people.  I got mail from them on Friday and know that the phone calls will start in a couple more days.

The company is Weed Man.  I hired them several years ago to weed and fertilize my front yard.  I did not allow them in the back yard, since that is the dog’s domain.  The charge was the same as if they were doing the whole yard, but I was loosing the war against the weeds and wanted the front to look better.  All was good the first couple of years, but on the 3rd year I noticed that my front lawn looked terrible compared to the neighbour’s yards as well as my back yard where nothing was being done except for a weekly cutting.

I called them up and told them this, so one of the supervisors came to take a look.  He examined everything and came back to me with the results – which were that they could fix this for a fee of more than double what I was already paying them.  I repeated what he said in my own words – something along the line of – so, in order to get my yard looking as good as the one next door that you haven’t touched, I should continue making my monthly payments plus pay a whole bunch more?

He couldn’t come up with an answer to that, so I told him that our contract was now cancelled and he could take his business elsewhere.   I put a bunch of grass seed down and fixed the lawn myself and considered the matter closed.

Every year since then they continue to send me their spring specials by mail and phone me several times.  At first I was polite about it, but told them that I would never hire them again and asked them to remove me from their phone list and mail list.  The last few times, I have been less polite and as I mentioned, I told them that I would be letting more and more people know about their unsatisfactory results.

I think it is time to relax in front of the cams at Africam.  See you there.

2 thoughts on “Red River and a Rant

  1. Well, he’s called the Weed Man and he keeps popping up like an unwelcome weed. Good luck with that one Mavis!

    You sure look frosty there still. 😦


    1. Yes Karen – its still a little chilly here. I put a link and a pingback to their site – so hopefully they will come and read what I’ve said. I’m not holding my breath though – LOL.


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