A few weeks ago I found a good sized rose bowl.  I’ve had it for years, but suddenly decided that I should get a Betta Fish (Siamese Fighting Fish) to put into the bowl.  Yesterday while getting Chester some dog food, I got one.  He is very pretty (as they all are), so I brought… Continue reading Freddy

Yellow Warbler and a Flower

It is a cloudy and very humid day today and we are just waiting for the rain to start coming down.  When Chester and I took our walk this morning, the birds along the Red River were singing their cheerful songs as usual – maybe even more cheerful.  When I saw a flash of yellow,… Continue reading Yellow Warbler and a Flower


It is a beautiful morning today.  The sun is shining and the temperature was a pleasant 15C for our walk along the Red River this morning. I have some pictures of my flowers, the big and little trees on the Red River and the workers who have hopefully shown up to fix the road. Now… Continue reading Miscellanous

Grey Squirrel

We have 2 different types of squirrels that hang around my yard.  One is the little red squirrel and I have shown pictures of one of them before.  A larger grey squirrel was in my yard this morning and I took some pictures of him through the window.  It is a dull cloudy day, so… Continue reading Grey Squirrel


As I mentioned yesterday, Chester had his annual vet appointment in the afternoon.  He was a good boy, since he knows he gets treats there.  🙂 Everything looks fine, but we just have to wait until next week to get the results of his blood test.  If the levels of the meds are still good,… Continue reading Chester

Today’s Flowers

Even though spring is late here, I sure love watching the plants and flowers come alive.  Most of today’s pictures were taken in my yard, but I had to sneak next door 😉 to get a couple of pictures of the daffodils there.  (Sorry I disturbed your girls Jamie). So, today, I have the daffodils… Continue reading Today’s Flowers

Wood Ducks

Chester and I found a pair of Wood Ducks while on our walk along the Red River today and they were fairly cooperative for a picture shoot.  It is a beautiful sunny day, but a bit chilly. It is nice to have a bit of wildlife right here in Winnipeg.  🙂 Time for a bit… Continue reading Wood Ducks

The Duck and Some Flowers

The sun is shining today!!  Everything looks so much better with the sunshine.  After a long weekend of rain, it looks and feels wonderful this morning.  Chester and I headed out for our walk as usual to enjoy the start of our day. Today we have tulips, Lily of the Valley, Elephant Ear and a… Continue reading The Duck and Some Flowers

Chocolate Mug Cake

Yes, you see it right – this non-baker is doing another food blog!  I fell into the chocolate mug cage recipes awhile ago and have been experimenting on my own.  I mean – who actually makes it exactly the same as the recipe anyway? I’ll give you what I found and I’ll also tell you… Continue reading Chocolate Mug Cake

Flowers and Ducks

It is another gloomy and drizzly day here so pictures are without sun – but this is spring and we do need the rain.  As always, I would like to request that it rains all night – a nice steady rain – and then the sun comes out in the mornings.  I think that would… Continue reading Flowers and Ducks