A few weeks ago I found a good sized rose bowl.  I’ve had it for years, but suddenly decided that I should get a Betta Fish (Siamese Fighting Fish) to put into the bowl.  Yesterday while getting Chester some dog food, I got one.  He is very pretty (as they all are), so I brought him home, named him Freddy and put him in the rose bowl.

I didn’t have him in the bowl for long when I realized that since there is no lid on it, he could jump out if it is much more than 1/2 filled.  That was still more room than he had in the pet shop, but not enough as far as I was concerned.  I headed over to Wal Mart to find something a little bigger that had a lid.

I picked out one called a Betta Tank.  It is plastic with a lid and it came with some Betta food, gravel, water conditioner and a plastic plant.  It is much the same as the plastic tanks that I used to keep baby birds in while hand feeding (many years ago).   I brought it home and got it all set up and moved Freddy from his new bowl into the newer Betta Tank.   I sat down to admire him and then realized that there was a crack in the tank and water was leaking out of it.

I took Freddy out of the new tank, put him back in the bowl and re-packaged the Betta Tank to take back to Wal Mart.  The lady at customer service asked if I wanted a refund or if I wanted to get another one, so I said I would go get another, but would pull it out of the box to make sure it was ok first.  I headed back to the pet department, opened 2 of the boxes and found that they were both cracked in the same place.

I decided to pick a different one and chose one a little bigger called an Aquarium Starter Kit.  This one is one gallon and comes with a small pump, under gravel filter and a lid with a light.  It is also plastic, but a little more solid and there were no cracks in it.

I brought that home and got it all set up and then moved Freddy from the bowl into his new home.  In one day he went from the very tiny space in the pet store to a bowl, to a Betta Tank, back to the bowl and then into the Aquarium Starter Kit.  Poor guy must have been very confused.  But he spent the rest of the afternoon, evening and night in his much larger new home and is enjoying all the swimming room this morning.

Freddy in His New Home - May 31
Freddy in His New Home – May 31
Freddy in His New Home - May 31
Freddy in His New Home – May 31

I’ll have to get a background for the tank for him, but otherwise he is all set up.  I have no idea why I named him Freddy.  That was the first name that popped into my head so that is what he got.  🙂

The rain has been coming down all of yesterday and continuing today.  The lawn needs cutting and I still haven’t been able to plant any flowers since it is raining every weekend.  Tomorrow the sun is supposed to come out – but I have plans for the day and on Sunday I will be at work as usual.

Time to check out Africam.  Lions have been at the Tembe cam almost every day for the last week.

2 thoughts on “Freddy

  1. I love that tank. I have one that is identical, except mine came with out the filter. I purchased a small filter seperately afterwords. I actually just upgraded Doki Doki (my Betta) to a 2.5 gallon tank, but here he is in that tank from the side. 🙂 I found a really nice bamboo picture that I just printed and taped to the back. It was very cute!! I’m uploading pictures of his new tank when I get home tonight, feel free to check it out tomorrow! ^.^ Good Luck with Freddy! ❤


    1. I really like the tank too braidedkitteness. Doki Doki is beautiful! Hope he enjoys the larger tanks – but I’m sure he will. 🙂 Good idea on the background. I have put a plain light blue paper on the back for now, but the tank is small enough that a picture from a magazine would be great too. I’ll look around a bit till I find something I really like. I could even print something off online 🙂


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