What a Help

Chester has been hanging out with me while I’m cleaning up the back yard and what a help he has been.  😉 A good portion of the yard clean-up involves branches.  I have a lot of trees in my yard and over the years branches have broken off and fallen or I have done pruning… Continue reading What a Help

Finally Some Babies

I was beginning to think that I wouldn’t be seeing any babies along the Red River this year, but the Canada Geese decided to parade some goslings by this morning while Chester and I were having our walk.  They are not newly hatched, so they have been hiding them somewhere during our normal walk times. … Continue reading Finally Some Babies

The Red River

I haven’t been out to check the floodway but I imagine it is likely closed off now and the Red River is slowly settling into its summer depth.  It is still a bit high, but it does fluctuate throughout the year anyway. I just took one picture today, showing our big tree being high and… Continue reading The Red River

Steller’s Sea Eagle – Assiniboine Park Zoo

Back to my pictures from the zoo earlier this month, I have pulled out some of one of the Steller’s Sea Eagles to show you.  This bird was having a bath in a little pond right in front of me.  Taking pictures is challenging because of the chain link fence I have to shoot through,… Continue reading Steller’s Sea Eagle – Assiniboine Park Zoo

The Mallards

I have seen a fair number of Mallard Ducks around, but so far no sign of any ducklings.  It has been several days since I’ve even seen ad adult bird, but I was hoping that meant the hens were sitting on eggs and in hiding. This morning though, I saw several Mallards just hanging around… Continue reading The Mallards

The Lane

Winnipeg is a fair sized city – there are certainly some that are much larger and some that are much smaller.  Most of the lanes in Winnipeg are paved – but in my area, most of them are not paved.  Here, they are gravel, and the city is supposed to grade them to keep the… Continue reading The Lane