What a Help

Chester has been hanging out with me while I’m cleaning up the back yard and what a help he has been.  😉 A good portion of the yard clean-up involves branches.  I have a lot of trees in my yard and over the years branches have broken off and fallen or I have done pruning… Continue reading What a Help

Finally Some Babies

I was beginning to think that I wouldn’t be seeing any babies along the Red River this year, but the Canada Geese decided to parade some goslings by this morning while Chester and I were having our walk.  They are not newly hatched, so they have been hiding them somewhere during our normal walk times. … Continue reading Finally Some Babies

The Red River

I haven’t been out to check the floodway but I imagine it is likely closed off now and the Red River is slowly settling into its summer depth.  It is still a bit high, but it does fluctuate throughout the year anyway. I just took one picture today, showing our big tree being high and… Continue reading The Red River

Steller’s Sea Eagle – Assiniboine Park Zoo

Back to my pictures from the zoo earlier this month, I have pulled out some of one of the Steller’s Sea Eagles to show you.  This bird was having a bath in a little pond right in front of me.  Taking pictures is challenging because of the chain link fence I have to shoot through,… Continue reading Steller’s Sea Eagle – Assiniboine Park Zoo

The Mallards

I have seen a fair number of Mallard Ducks around, but so far no sign of any ducklings.  It has been several days since I’ve even seen ad adult bird, but I was hoping that meant the hens were sitting on eggs and in hiding. This morning though, I saw several Mallards just hanging around… Continue reading The Mallards

The Lane

Winnipeg is a fair sized city – there are certainly some that are much larger and some that are much smaller.  Most of the lanes in Winnipeg are paved – but in my area, most of them are not paved.  Here, they are gravel, and the city is supposed to grade them to keep the… Continue reading The Lane

Fun with Squirrels

Yesterday evening when searching for something in the basement, my daughter and her friend found a squirrel.  I have no idea how a squirrel would have found it’s way into the basement of my house and I will be spending some time looking for a place where this could have happened.  I don’t want other… Continue reading Fun with Squirrels

Hudson the Polar Bear – Assiniboine Park Zoo

A new arrival at the Assiniboine Park Zoo is Hudson the Polar Bear.  He is a young bear who will make his home here among the rescue Polar Bears that will be coming for rehabilitation and release once the Journey to Churchill is complete.  I assume he will be kept separate, but will maybe be… Continue reading Hudson the Polar Bear – Assiniboine Park Zoo

Lions and Tigers – Assiniboine Park Zoo

Even though I really dislike the enclosures that the Lions and Tigers are kept in at the Assiniboine Park Zoo, I always have to visit with these beautiful big cats each time I go there.  I didn’t get any Tiger pictures, but I did get some of one of the Asian Lions.  The other Lion… Continue reading Lions and Tigers – Assiniboine Park Zoo