Moody Manitoba Morning

This morning, it was one of those morning where you really couldn’t tell how the day was going to go.  My first thought when looking at the sky was Moody Manitoba Morning, which was a song from many years ago.  I took 2 pictures – one looking to the east and one looking to the west and you would never know they were taken at the same time and place.

Check out the song Moody Manitoba Morning song  here.

Here are my 2 pictures.

Looking East - June 1
Looking East  – ‎June-‎01-‎13, ‏‎8:05:36 AM
Looking West June 1
Looking West – June-‎01-‎13, ‏‎8:05:44 AM

I copied the date and time from the properties of the pictures to show they were taken 8 seconds apart – just enough time to turn and snap in the opposite direction.  I posted a very similar picture to the 2nd one a few days ago when it was a bright sunny morning – but today, there was no way to know how the weather was going to go.  A Moody Manitoba Morning.  🙂

Chester and I enjoyed our walk anyway.

My Mom and I drove across the border to Grand Forks for the day today.  We just went for lunch, did a bit of shopping (mostly groceries) and then came back.  It was nice to spend the day together.

Now it is time for Africam.  See you there.