It Fooled Me

When Chester and I walked along the Red River yesterday, I saw something in the river ahead of us.  I couldn’t make out what it was though.  It looked like something’s head, but I couldn’t see a body.  The head looked bigger than a bird, so I was thinking I had found the beaver again.  Just then it dove down and disappeared for a minute or so.  When it came back up, it was several feet further along.

I got out the trusty camera, followed it and snapped a few pictures.  It dove down a couple more times and then finally I realized what it was.

first view (a little out of focus)
first view (a little out of focus)
2nd view - still not sure
2nd view – still not sure
Its a Log - LOL
Its a Log – LOL

It had me going there for a couple of minutes!  Chester must have known, because he sure wasn’t interested in it.  I had a good laugh at myself anyway.  😀

Time for some Africam viewing now – see you there.