Yesterday, Chester and I found a pair of Mallard Ducks and a trio of male Wood Ducks while taking our walk along the Red River.  Chester also spotted and stalked several bunnies, but none of them wanted their pictures taken.

The Mallards posed nicely for me, but the Wood Ducks did not cooperate much, although you can still see what they are.

Mallard Duck - June 2
Mallard Duck – June 2
Mallard Duck - June 2
Mallard Duck – June 2
Wood Ducks - June 2
Wood Ducks – June 2
Wood Duck - June 2
Wood Duck – June 2

The male ducks usually start to hang around together when the girls are sitting on eggs, so maybe there will be a few clutches of Wood Ducks hatching soon.  🙂

It looks like we have another sunny day ahead of us today – pretty chilly in the morning at 5C, but should be very pleasant by this afternoon.

I’m heading off to Africam now – have a great day.

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  1. That is so cool! I’ve never seen ducks in real life. We have rabbits and other wildlife in the back but no ducks. They look like fun to play with though! Great pics. XOXO – Bacon


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