Marigold vs Red Lily Bug – Day 1

Yesterday I killed all the Red Lily bugs I could find and planted Marigolds beside the Lilies.  Last year I would have found another dozen bugs on the Lilies by the next morning, but this morning there were none to be found.  It is too early to claim a victory – but it is certainly encouraging.

Some of the people said that a mixed bed of flowers discouraged them without naming any particular plants or flowers they had beside the Lily.  Now that I think of it, I normally have flowers planted in the flower bed before the Lilies are much above the ground and that might have discouraged them other years.  Last year I didn’t plant anything because I was going to be away all of August and that is usually a very dry month – so the flowers would have died anyway.  That could by why the bugs took over last year.

The Lilies are all surrounded by both the Marigolds and the Impatience now – so I’m hoping the bugs stay away.

Chester’s vet called the other day to tell me that his blood levels were great and we can continue the meds for his seizures without problem.  That was great news because I really don’t want to change anything.  It is now about 1 week short of  11 months since he had a seizure!

Yesterday was Leopard day on Africam.  We had a very quick and a not definite look at a Leopard at Tembe, another very quick, but certain sighting of another Leopard at Elephant Plains and then a 3rd amazing sighting of a Leopard (Hlab’nkunzi) and her cub at Idube.  I saw the first 2 sightings, but was sound asleep for the one at Idube (of course).  You can watch the video here.

Chester - June 7
Chester – June 7

Today, I just have a picture of Chester, with his tail wagging and out of focus as usual  🙂  but at least he wasn’t moving anything other than his tail.