Fun with Squirrels

Yesterday evening when searching for something in the basement, my daughter and her friend found a squirrel.  I have no idea how a squirrel would have found it’s way into the basement of my house and I will be spending some time looking for a place where this could have happened.  I don’t want other critters coming in.

Anyway, I was called into action – so I joined the capture team.  This is a young squirrel, but old enough to be independent and he gave us a good workout.   Hr raced up walls and barricades, under doors and around boxes.  At one time he was cornered (or we thought he was), none of us saw him leave, but we suddenly heard him at the other end of the room.  We each had a towel to throw over him to slow him enough to be able to catch him and after about 1/2 an hour, my daughter finally got him.  We took him outside and let him go back to the grass and trees where he belongs.

This morning I saw 2 squirrels about his size playing on a tree outside my sun room.  There is a good chance that one of them was our little buddy from yesterday.  I couldn’t get pictures of the capture last night, but I did manage to get a couple of pictures of the two of them playing this morning.  One is pretty blurry due to the movement, but you can tell what they are anyway.

Squirrel - June 20
Squirrel – June 20
Squirrels - June 20
Squirrels – June 20

Chester and I have already had our walk – so it is now time to find out where and how the little guy got into the house.  Then I will be hanging out at Africam.  Have a great day.

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