The Red River

I haven’t been out to check the floodway but I imagine it is likely closed off now and the Red River is slowly settling into its summer depth.  It is still a bit high, but it does fluctuate throughout the year anyway.

I just took one picture today, showing our big tree being high and dry and a dead tree not too far from it that is still in the water.

Big Tree Across the Red River June 27
Big Tree Across the Red River June 27

I don’t think that tree on the left was dead last year, but I will have to go look at last years pictures before I can say for sure.  The big tree is the one on the right, but with all the leaves on it, it looks very different than it does in the early spring and the winter.

I still have not seen any ducklings when Chester and I have our walk along the river.

I haven’t seen any of the Red Lily bugs for several days, but this morning I did find a grub on one of the plants, that I assume is the larva stage.  A couple of the plants are still being eaten – so I haven’t won this war yet.

Chester – Gotta be Comfortable