The Red River

On yesterday morning’s walk with Chester to and along the Red River, I was amazed at how calm the river was. The water was smooth and the reflections in the water were clear. So calm and beautiful. I was unaware at the time that I took these pictures that the young mother of the 2… Continue reading The Red River

Pending Chores

I took pictures of the rest of my chores (well – most of the rest of my chores). I haven’t put them in order, but many of them will not take too long, so they can be combined with others on a weekend. Summer is about 1/2 done, so I still have lots of work… Continue reading Pending Chores

One Job Done!

I’m not counting how many more jobs there are to do around here, but one is finished!  I really should write the others down and set a priority list and just might do that soon.  Summers are short and there is a lot to be done outdoors. All the branches that have covered every corner… Continue reading One Job Done!

Song Sparrow and Flowers

It was raining again yesterday morning when Chester and I took our walk along the Red River, so I left my camera at home.  Of course, I saw 3 young Wood Ducks who were on their own at that time.  Pictures in the rain don’t normally look great anyway – but I saw them. A… Continue reading Song Sparrow and Flowers

Weather and Stuff

During the last week or so (maybe a bit longer), we have had several thunderstorms and lots of heat and humidity.  Yesterday though, we also had funnel clouds pass through the south part city and south of the city.  I haven’t heard anything about it touching ground in Winnipeg, but the pictures are showing familiar… Continue reading Weather and Stuff

More Riverbank Flowers and a Bird

A couple of days ago (when the sun was shining) I got a few more pictures of some of the flowers along the bank of the Red River when Chester and I took our walk.  A fairly cooperative sparrow of some kind (maybe a Song Sparrow) posed for a picture.  I say fairly cooperative because… Continue reading More Riverbank Flowers and a Bird

The Yard

Did I say that I thought I might get finished the cleanup this weekend?  Silly me.  It seems that the more I do, the more I find to do.  Chester of course, is being his usual helpful self. I didn’t take any ‘before’ pictures, but I have some ‘in progress’ pictures today. The areas in… Continue reading The Yard

Day Lilies and The Big Tree

This morning Chester and I had a very wet walk in the rain, so the camera stayed at home.  Of course, the bachelor/bachelorette flock of geese were on the river asking me to take their picture, but I just waved and said hi to them instead.  🙂 Yesterday in the sunshine though, I took a… Continue reading Day Lilies and The Big Tree

Birds and Flowers

Chester and I saw a family of Mallard Ducks (the ducklings are almost as big as Mom now) on our walk yesterday.  We also saw some wild flowers (no idea what they are) and in the distance I could see a beautiful Bald Eagle, but he was too far away for me to even attempt… Continue reading Birds and Flowers