Chester Found a Bunny

Chester always finds bunnies – that is his main purpose during our walks – but this bunny held still long enough for me to take a couple of pictures.  He was quite a distance away and I suspect that he didn’t think we could see him.

The Bunny - July 13
The Bunny – July 13
Chester and The Bunny - July 13
Chester and The Bunny – July 13

We walked by the barricades this morning to see that absolutely nothing is or has been done where the street has cracked with one side settling down a few inches below the other side.  I’d have to go back to check, but I’m thinking it is at least 3 months since they put the barricades up.

Roadwork Continues?
Roadwork Continues?

It doesn’t look any different than it did at the beginning, but at least it hasn’t gotten worse.  Maybe we can just ignore it forever.

We had a break from the heat (but not the humidity) yesterday with slightly lower temperatures as it drizzled for much of the day.  Today is going to be hot, with a high close to 30C where it will feel like 30C.  Then there is a possibility of thunder showers tonight and rain for the next few days.

It is winter in South Africa and the daytime temperatures will be in the mid 20’s (without the humidity) and with much cooler temperatures during the night.

Once I get some chores done, I’ll be watching the cams on Africam (as usual).  By the way – my tub surround repair seems to have worked – no more water on the floor.  🙂

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