One Job Done!

I’m not counting how many more jobs there are to do around here, but one is finished!  I really should write the others down and set a priority list and just might do that soon.  Summers are short and there is a lot to be done outdoors.

All the branches that have covered every corner and much of the fence line have been removed and everything that had not already been  picked up by the city for the giant compost pile are now ready to go.  Several bundles and bags were picked up other weeks.

It is too bad I didn’t take any before pictures – but I actually had doubts that I would finish it so I just didn’t bother with pictures.  I do have after pictures to show though.  This yard cleanup had been long overdue.

We have now gone 2 whole days without any rain.  The ground is still saturated after all that fell the last couple of weeks though.

The worst corner - finished
The worst corner – finished

OK – so this corner is not 100% finished. There are still some boards and the blue sheeting to remove and the branches still attached to the ground to remove – but I can now get in there to do it since the 6 foot pile of branches is gone.  Chester likes exploring the area without the danger of the thorns from the branches getting him.

Front of Deck - finished
Front of Deck – finished

This is where my pile of branches was waiting to be bundled.  The pile was 3-4 feet tall, wide and long.  Now I have to decide what to do with this area in front of the deck.  The bushes will grow to be about 3 feet tall and should bush out to nicely cover the front of the deck.  I have to decide what to put in front of that.  The soil is clay and stones and is not good for growing anything.  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know.

South Side - finished
South Side – finished
South Side Corner - finished
South Side Corner – finished
Waiting for Pickup
Bundles and Bags – Waiting for Pickup

It feels good to have finished that project.  From now on, any tree pruning will be dealt with immediately instead of piling up for so many years.  I will have to see if I can get grass to grow where the branches had been piled – guess I can add that to the list.