Road Work

The little area where part of the street dropped, where I walk with Chester every day is showing signs that work might actually start one day soon.  Construction equipment, materials and signs were dropped off there sometime yesterday.  Of course, this might all just be in preparation for next spring – but I can hope… Continue reading Road Work

More of This and That

I’ve got another day with 2 or 3 little things to tell you about. Another beautiful kitty sighting (a Leopard) at Elephant Plains on Africam – and the main excitement about that is that I didn’t miss him. A trip to Target – Canadian Target doesn’t seem to measure up to American Target. A Mango… Continue reading More of This and That

This and That

I’ve got a few little things happening, but nothing much – so I’ll just combine everything into one. I had my annual doctor appointment this morning, so had to fast from 8:00 last night until my appointment at 8:00 this morning.  Only, I didn’t get to see the doctor until after 8:30 and then I… Continue reading This and That

Mallard Family

After many days of not seeing any critters along the Red River, Chester and I finally found a family of Mallard Ducks yesterday on our walk.  It was most of the family anyway – Mom and her almost grown babies. I have to wonder where they’ve been hiding, but I’m glad they showed themselves finally.… Continue reading Mallard Family


There always seems to be a mushroom or 10 growing somewhere in my yard, but this year I’ve had a bumper crop of them.  They always seem different and I have no idea how or why they suddenly start growing. Just before cutting my lawn the other day, I snapped a few pictures of some… Continue reading Mushrooms

Tree Story 2

Had some nice quick service from Main Branch Tree Service, which is the last company I talked to yesterday morning.  Steve arrived later the same morning to give me an estimate. They can not reach 2 1/2 of the trees in my yard, and gave an estimate for the other 4 1/2 trees.  The impossible… Continue reading Tree Story 2

Tree Story

Amazingly enough I have more branches piled up to dispose of.  I went out with my little saw and a ladder yesterday to get some of the branches a little higher up on a couple of my trees. I got some larger dead branches from my Plum Tree and my Mountain Ash Tree, as well… Continue reading Tree Story

Balloons Over Winnipeg

As Chester and I rounded a corner the other day, we saw the trio of hot air balloons floating over the city.  I haven’t seen them much this year, so they were the subject of my photography that day.  🙂 I am still working on getting someone to prune my large trees.  The first guy… Continue reading Balloons Over Winnipeg

Tree Pruning and Chester

As I’ve mentioned before, I look after the pruning of all the small trees and bushes in my yard (Hawthorne, Mountain Ash, Lilac, Plum, Honeysuckle. Spruce and a couple of ones I’ve forgotten the names of).  The large trees (Elms, Oaks and Ashes) have been neglected. Several years ago I got a quote on pruning… Continue reading Tree Pruning and Chester


Chester had an unplanned trip to visit the vet yesterday.  Well – it was planned that morning, but I hadn’t been planning on taking him there until next spring when his yearly exam would be done. On Sunday morning, his eyes were both red, watery and discharging gunk.  His left eye was a little worse… Continue reading Chester