Today is My Mother’s Birthday

Imagine this!  Ninety years ago today – my mother was born.

Please join me in wishing her a very happy birthday.

Hazel Runchey
Hazel Runchey

Happy Birthday Mom

It is great having a birthday on a long weekend (as it is here this weekend).  This allows for some out of town family members to come in for a small gathering.

We started off last night with 13 people having our dinner at Harvey’s near my mom’s place.  She is kind of a regular customer there and all the staff know her and know that today is her birthday.  They did a great job getting all our meals ready for us quickly.  When we were pretty much finished eating, all the staff came out, gave her a birthday card with a Harvey’s gift card, sang happy birthday to her and gave us apple pies to end our meal.  No wonder she likes going there!

I had gone to the airport to pick up my brother Doug and his wife Erin, my niece Cheryl, her husband Peter and one of their sons, Alex had arrived last night and were at Mom’s apartment when I got back there with them.  Then, a few seconds after we entered Harvey’s, another niece, Heather, with her husband Sean and their 2 daughters, Kristen and Sydney and their son Colby with his girlfriend Lindsey came in right behind us.  Only Cheryl and her family knew Heather and her family were going to meet us there.  The food was great and we did a lot of talking and laughing.  I didn’t take my camera with me last night, but I’m sure I will be getting some pictures over the weekend.

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