Party Day

Well – the big day has come and gone and some of the out of town relatives have begun their journey back home already.  It was wonderful seeing most of the family together for the several hours we hung out at my nephew Vince and his family’s home for the afternoon and evening.

The weather was perfect – sunny and not too hot with just enough clouds to give us a break from the sun once in awhile.

Attendees were Hazel Runchey (the birthday lady)

Al and Carol Runchey (my brother and his wife)

Sharon and John Panting (my sister and her husband)

Doug Runchey and Erin Sellers (my brother and his wife)

Myself and my daughter Angela Metcalf

Vince (Al & Carol’s son) and Phaedra Runchey and their children Connor and David

Cheryl (Sharon and John’s daughter) and Peter Malek and one son Alex

Heather (Sharon and John’s daughter) and Sean Johnston and their children Colby, Kristen & Sydney plus Colby’s girlfriend Lindsey

Cathy Warner (Doug’s daughter) and 2 of her sons Tyler and Dylan

Missing from the gathering were my nephew Richard (Al & Carol’s son), his wife Sherri and their children Riley and Kaitlyn, my nephew Dan (Doug’s son) as well as Cheryl’s son Brandon and Cathy’s son  Jonathan.

I took quite a few pictures (surprise, surprise), but I only posted the best on facebook.  I am not going to post them all here, but I’ll give you one and a link to my facebook pictures.  My pictures are set for anyone to view, so you should be able to see them if you are interested.

The Cake
The Cake

I am not in any of these pictures, but should be in some of the ones taken by others, but here is the link to the album on facebook.

If that doesn’t work, I have also uploaded the pictures to photo bucket here.

Thank you Vincent and Phaedra for opening your home to us for the party.  It was greatly appreciated!