I took pictures of some of the flowers in the front of the house yesterday.  They’re looking pretty good this year.  Bad news is that I pulled all my Lilies out.  They were being eaten and there was no indication that they would ever flower again.  I see healthy looking lilies in other yards, so those Red Lily Bugs aren’t everywhere.  I wish I knew how they got here to destroy my plants so quickly.

Anyway – I have just 1 single flower on my Clematis but the leaves are looking healthy and I can see at least one more bud, so I expect more soon, I got the planter box of Impatience and I got the first flower on my Day Lilies.

Clematis - Aug 5
Clematis – Aug 5
Impatience - Aug 5
Impatience – Aug 5
Day Lily - Aug 5
Day Lily – Aug 5

One year ago today, I spent most of the day at the Frankfurt Airport, on my way to South Africa. I am re-reading my blogs from then and if you would like to read along with me that would be fine.  Click here.