What’s With This Weather?

According to the calendar – this is summer.  It is August, isn’t it?  I turned the air conditioner off a couple of weeks ago, which is fine.  I don’t mind if the temperature doesn’t get into the 30’s C, but it would be nice if it was in the mid 20’s or so.

I had to close the windows last night because it was getting just a little chilly in the house.  I’m not going to put the heat on!

August is supposed to be hot and dry – at least it is usually hot and dry, but although the days are mildly warm (low 20’s)  – the nights are chilly (low teens).  It was warmer than this in South African last August – but that was in their winter.  The temperatures were in the mid to high 20’s during the day and the nights were similar to what we’re having here now.

Yes, my thoughts keep drifting back to South Africa since one year ago today, I was preparing to head out on my own tomorrow.  With the help of Penny and Jurek, I picked up what I would need (including my little car and some food).  You can read about it here. 

Chester and I had our walk along the Red River this morning and as usual lately, the critters were all in hiding.  All except one crow anyway – so I snapped his picture.

Crow - Aug 10
Crow – Aug 10

4 thoughts on “What’s With This Weather?

  1. Well, after weeks of 30 C we have 20 C here now as well. I prefer that much more. I moved to a more northern country because of the climate. My neighbours call that “good weather” and I am too.
    Greetings from the coast of North Norfolk


    1. I don’t like it when it gets into the 30’s C either Klausbernd, but low 20’s in Aug just doesn’t seem right. I don’t mind it cooling down at night either.


      1. You are right 20 C in August is unnormal – here as well. Usually the temperature is around 25 C, in the years before it hardly got ever higher than that.
        Probably I see that a bit different with temperatures because I used to take part in Arctic expeditions. That changes your idea about what is warm or cold 😉


        1. Winnipeg is pretty much arctic weather in the winter – when -35C and even colder (especially with the windchill) is not uncommon. Once it reaches -40C it is definitely COLD. I just read this today (after posting).

          “After 20 days of being trapped under an Arctic low-pressure system, the clouds are about to clear over southern Manitoba.”


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