More Branches and Chester

It seems I have another pile of branches in my yard.  Of course, I did it myself with the work of my little pruning saw, since all my trees desperately need pruning.  These one will be cut and bundled and out with the next yard waste pickup though.

I have also been trying to get in touch with someone who prunes the large trees.  The big companies have not bothered to call me back, so I decided to try Kijiji yesterday.  I left one message and received a call back today.  He will be coming to give me an estimate on Tuesday after work.  Then this morning, a friend gave me another guy’s name and phone number, so I have just left him a message to call me.

I know this is a busy time of year for the arborists – they they just opened up Elm tree pruning, which is not allowed from early spring until August 1st to help prevent the Dutch Elm Disease from spreading.  I hope one or both of these men are willing to set up a schedule, to do maybe 1 or 2 trees a year until they are all done .    The cost won’t hurt as much if it is spread out like that.

New Branches - Aug 16
New Branches – Aug 16

Here we have some Plum, Mountain Ash, Honeysuckle and another bush that I’ve forgotten the name of.   The Plum and Mountain Ash were all dead branches, the Honeysuckle was growing in a very bad spot and the other bush had branches hanging too low.

I’ve just been noticing how great my grass looks this year.  I hired Green Drop to fertilize and do weed control and I’m very happy with their job.  The grass is starting to fill in where the many, many weeds were and it looks great.  There are still some problem areas, especially where the branches had been piled for years, and beside one of my big Elm Trees (where Chester is in the next picture) but a great start has been made on the yard this year.  I still have more plans – but I think I’ll call this the year of the yard.  🙂

My Chester - Aug 16/13
My Chester – Aug 16/13

Here comes Chester to help.  🙂  I am so thrilled at how well he is doing.  It is now 13 months since his last seizure.  Beyond that is that he is now holding his tail up above his back again, when walking, playing and wagging.  For several months, he had been holding it down level with his back (where you would expect an Irish Setter to hold it), but according to his vet, it was hurting to hold it up where he normally did.   Two of the pills he is taking have nothing to do with the seizures and everything to do with his bones and joints – Glucosamine and Senior  Chews – and those must have made him feel good enough to get that tail back up there.  🙂

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